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Pippa is an artist, ceramist & chef, working in Durban North. She studied Fine art at Stellenbosch University, and focus mainly in oil paint.


However her studio is a hive of creativity and there is always something new on the go from ceramics, stationary to painting or pottery lessons and cookery demos.

Pippa's paintings are all South African subject matter, from flowers, landscapes, holidays in Mozambique and Transkei, to trees and animals. I also enjoy painting abstract landscapes in bright colours and splashes of watercolour here and there for design work. This is reflected in the Family Organiser for 2021.


Suzanne is a graphic designer, who runs her studio from home, and enjoys a good work-life balance - being able to spend time with her children.

With 29 years experience in the graphic design world, Suzanne believes that every day should be a learning curve... there's nothing she enjoys more than taking a white space and transforming it with images and text into something interesting and engaging... "it's like solving a puzzle".

"The Family Organiser was such fun to design - with Pippa's artwork, and a winning formula of columns for each family member - we hope that you enjoy yours as much as we enjoyed putting it together!"

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